What Happens if I Don’t Pay My Timeshare in Mexico?

As the tourist industry of Mexico grows, more and more people are finding ways to make their trip to the country more memorable. Naturally, timeshare has become a formidable investment to make for tourists. Due to the lack of knowledge of Mexico’s timeshare laws, you would want to know what happens in the event they fail to pay their timeshare. We shall enlighten you about it in detail.

Things Non-Payment of Timeshare Leads To

Although nothing good or positive occurs if you don’t pay your timeshare in Mexico, things may not necessarily go downhill, except in the worst-case scenario. Regardless, these are some of the things that may occur:

You May Lose Credit Score

In the initial step, the credit agencies will become aware of your actions. As a result, your credit score will get reduced, and that will make it harder for you to get loans and avail of different offers in the future. Once the credit score goes down, it becomes extremely hard to regain it.

As a result, you may in deep trouble, but potentially. Most people find alternate ways like changing credit cards, but there is a limit to how far you can go with these methods.

Collections Agency May Be Notified

The seller may notify the collections agency of your non-payment of a timeshare. Depending on the policies and reach of the agency, they may find their ways to get to you and recover the debt. In most cases, this can be a real pain in the neck, especially if the agency operates in your country too (if you are a foreigner).

You May Have to Pay Overdue

With you losing credit scores and collection agencies after you, the additional payments required for the inconvenience you have caused may always come on you. As a result, you may have to end up paying more than you initially owed to the seller.

 This shows that running away from timeshare payment may not be a good strategy, as it’s backfiring on you in the long run.

May Become Hard Being a Tourist in Mexico

If you are a resident of Mexico, your life may become a living hell the more you delay it. But the foreigners are lucky as they won’t have to face the short end of the stick.

However, that doesn’t mean you can visit Mexico without any worries, as you will be perused and questioned with more fervor if you make your way within their homeland.

Foreclosure Will Not Occur in Most Cases

Luckily for you, a foreclosure will not occur in most cases. That’s because, under the general laws of Mexico, you are allowed to use the property for a timeframe, not actually own it. While this goes against the very philosophy of timeshare, that’s how it’s generally perceived in Mexico. No worries though, the difference between the both is negligible.


It would be in your best interest to pay your timeshare within due time, and if you’re up to the due date, just do it as soon as possible anyway. Most timeshare sellers will be cooperative and understanding, but you should still be prepared for inconveniences and complications.

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